The pilot chart “PC”

The eagleray pilot chart is a complete nautical chart, published under permission from the Greek Hydrographic Office, that offers in addition pilot information. Charts have been made for many years now with the HOs around the world focusing on the ships and the ship’s needs. For a good reason as well – 50 years ago you wouldn’t find not even one tenth of the yachts travelling the seas today.

Eagleray bridges this gap, by offering pilot information on the chart that is relevant to the yacht. In order to do that, we don’t remove official information, we only add from our own surveys: a text next to a strait, a symbol next to a shelter. That way, we maintain the “officiality” of the chart while offering the add-ons for the yachts.

All that exists in the front of the chart. On the other side, we include smaller scale charts or plans of harbours that support the safe and enjoyable sail in the area. So, when you buy an eagleray pilot chart, you actually get a group of charts for an area, charts that you would have to buy and pay for individually if you would address a different publisher.

The eagleray PC is made by 135gr thick, enhanced paper which is laminated in order to resist wet conditions and heavy use. As a matter of fact I have been personally congratulated for that by yacht charter companies who do not need to change their yacht’s charts as often as they did in the past!

I will be happy to send a couple of sample files, areas from a pilot chart, in order for you to see the above with your own eyes. Please email me to

I wish you all fair winds, that take you where you want to go

Panos Ilias


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Pilot Chart

pc19-cover Average customer rating:

Antipaxoi to Kyparissia

From N. Paxoí up to Kyparissía...

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc7-cover Average customer rating:

Corithiakos Gulf

From Río Antírio bridge up to Corinth...

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc11-cover3 Average customer rating:

Eastern Crete

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc2-cover Average customer rating:

Eastern Peloponnisos

From N. Ýdra up to Monemvasiá...

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc6-cover Average customer rating:

Evvoikos Kolpos

From O. Kárystos up to Tríkeri...

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc14-cover Average customer rating:

Halkidiki - Thermaikos and Strymonikos Gulf

From N. Alónnisos up to O....

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc17-cover Average customer rating:

Kerkyra - Paxoi

From N. Othonoí up to N....

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc18-cover Average customer rating:

Lefkada - Amvrakikos Gulf

From N. Kefalloniá up to Amvrakikós...

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

pc3-cover Average customer rating:

North Cyclades

From Attikí up to N. Mýkonos Includes:...

Sales price: 24,00 €

Product details

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New chart publications: PC10 "Western Crete", PC11 "Eastern Crete", GPC1 "South Aegean", GPC2 "Ionian Sea" and GPC3 "North Aegean"
The corrections (Notices to Mariners) have been updated upto April 2018 and are ready for download

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